A mini-retreat for women who don’t want to sacrifice kindness for power

Jumpstart your mindset to take actions that energize you to feel more confident and motivated to step into your own leadership roles at work and home. Space is limited! Sign up to save your spot!
On September 28th I’m hosting a mini-retreat for women who don’t want to sacrifice kindness for power. You can do you and still be more of the leader you want to be.
Join me, Stacy McCrory and up to 10 women participants, on Sept. 28th from 10- 1:30pm in Santa Barbara, where we’ll enjoy the beauty of the peaceful gardens at this private home environment. A light lunch is included in this mini-retreat; you’ll have time to wind down and refresh at this time of autumn re-set. You’ll emerge with a fresh perspective from the meditations and exercises we’ll be doing, as well as a set of chosen action items you’re authentically drawn to complete.
From my years of helping clients connect with their inner smarts I’ve created exercises and writing prompts that help them know what’s most important, and how to take the necessary steps to fold this into daily life. Maybe you already know what’s important but someone how you haven’t committed to bringing this fully into your life. We’ll explore those obstacles! Mindfulness and loving-kindness practices will be a part of our mini-retreat – and anyone can learn and benefit from these short times of quiet. Here’s your opportunity to bring these practices into your life, if you haven’t already.
Grab your space by September 15th 

$50 includes lunch, mini-workbook and follow-up audios. Meet other likeminded women and enjoy a bit of calming nature during this lovely mini-retreat.

Looking for a longer retreat experience? Join us for the Women’s Empowerment Getaway to Costa Rica Dec. 2-7th. Receive $200 off when you sign up before Sept. 30th!