A Money Workshop

Money is on our minds. A lot. Especially when we’re in the midst of change- change in work, career, family, relocating, change in our relationship. I’ve just posted a blog about money that might be helpful to you. See what you think.


On Weds, November 28th , expert Money Coach Sharon Cox and I are hosting a two-hour workshop, How to Have Mindful Money Conversations with High Stakes People, at 5:30 pm at ImpactHub Santa Barbara Chapala Center at 1221 Chapala St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Click [here] to learn more and to register. Whether you’re navigating money issues at home or at work, we’ll be addressing ways to get calm and clear to have an effective conversation…something most of us need as we enter the high pressure holiday months ahead!


In this interactive workshop we’ll discuss the obstacles we create by avoiding crucial conversations about money with key stakeholders in our lives—clients, colleagues, people we date, family members, and others. On the other side of obstacles and avoidance are opportunities to mindfully state our money questions, concerns, and preferences, to amplify honesty, understanding, and deepen our relationships. You’ll learn and practice timing and techniques to help manage anxiety or stress around this topic, as well as specific components—even words to use—for successful money conversations. A follow-up one hour group accountability Zoom session is included in the workshop fee.


Price: $30 includes light refreshments, handouts, and a follow-up one hour group accountability Zoom session.