Accountability Groups

Join me on either June 2nd, July 7 and August 4th from 8-9 am pacific via Zoom or Weds June 3, July 8, and August 5th from noon-1pm pacific as I host these two options for an accountability group to help you stay on track with what you know you need to do to gain traction. 

We all seem to get more done when we know we have to report in on our work! If you’re in a job search, working to develop new skills, wanting to make progress on a writing project, or any other type of project this group is for you. 

Format: I will facilitate a Q&A to support each group member in choosing actions to reach their goals - you may certainly come to the session already knowing what needs to get done! The wisdom of the group may help you decide on your goals if you ask for feedback and ideas, or you’ll share and state your desired outcome without input.

During each one hour Zoom session we’ll meet together, as well as in smaller breakout groups or pairs. 

Because these groups are only going to meet via Zoom one time per month I’m also giving you the added accountability of sharing directly with me via an email. I’m always a ‘receptacle’ for my clients’ homework, and similarly I will be a receptacle for accountability group members. You’ll know you can hand-in a progress report in-between meetings!

$40/per session each month. I ask that you commit to show up to at least three months’ worth of sessions so you can make the most of the continuity, and community. 

Register by June 1st for the Tuesday or Wednesday group.