Mindfulness for Emerging Leaders

New Class Starting Weds, April 29th!
Mindfulness for Emerging Leaders


I’m offering an online version of the Mindfulness for Emerging Leaders class I’ve been teaching to MBAs at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management for many years.

This 6-week online class includes:

  • Mindfulness practices that can be utilized in daily life
  • Scientific research behind the benefits of mindfulness practices which has been influential in bringing mindfulness into a wide range of workplaces
  • Strategies to increase kindness to self and others, which can be life changing
  • Discussion and practice of mindful communication and emotional intelligence to support you to be the person and leader you want to be in any area of your life
  • Ways to increase positive emotions in stressful times at work or home

No meditation experience is necessary; if you think that you can’t meditate because you’ve tried and can’t clear your mind of thoughts I promise I will help you get past the misunderstanding that that’s what meditation requires of you. Learn to unwind your tense body, let go of stressful thoughts, sleep better, increase focus and creativity. Not a silver bullet, but this stuff works.


6 consecutive Weds. evenings at 7:00-8:15pm pacific, beginning Weds April 29th via Zoom. Classes will include meditation instructions, a variety of exercises and discussions, and supportive downloadable audios and handouts.

Cost: $149

Register by April 28th at Midnight so we can be sure to get the Zoom code to you without delay!

No meditation experience is necessary, and if you have that belief that you can’t meditate because you can’t clear your mind of thoughts I promise I will help you to understand that isn’t what meditation requires of you.