For Businesses

Looking for a way to help your staff, team, or executives increase their focus, leadership capabilities and engagement? I provide one-on-one executive coaching, and can also create customized, effective programming or retreats that will be gratefully received by your group.

A teacher of Mindful Awareness Training (aka meditation) I encourage companies to consider this now mainstream and effective technique as a wellness initiative. Now found in global companies everywhere, I teach individuals and groups how to develop their minds to strengthen their ability to focus, to pull away from the many distractions that pull them in so many directions, and release the anxiety and depressions that we’re hearing so much about. This focus, of course, increases productivity and engagement.

I’ve created and presented trainings for the CFO and global finance directors throughout Sony Studios, offered one-on-one training for busy executives, and provided trainings for Teach For America’s Los Angeles, and UCLA’s Anderson School of Management MBAs for years…you can see this is a recognized antidote to stress!

“We brought Daisy in to conduct a workshop as part of a two day offsite with our CFO and his senior team members. She did a fantastic job making the topic of mindfulness accessible to senior Finance executives team. Her flexible approach made it possible for us to tailor the workshop to the audience, which was critical to the success. Daisy brings strong credibility to her work as a result of her experience. I look forward to working with her on future projects.” – A. Sands 

As a lifelong meditator and certified mindfulness instructor through UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center since 2012, I bring my solid, personal experience to professionals explaining the science and experiential components of this technique in my offerings.

If you have high potential professionals who need a boost to get to their next level I’m experienced at helping women and men increase their confidence and competencies to speak up, and speak well, to be better leaders and managers.

If you’d like to discuss programs, or coaching options, please contact [email protected] to arrange for a free consultation.