We use the word “Wisdom” to really honor the accomplishments and ‘place’ in life that comes with this LifeStage. People in this Wisdom LifeStage know that they have lived through experiences sufficiently to have achieved a level of expertise and advancement. They are usually at an age that enables them to know what they know, very possibly know what they don’t know, and know there is something else for them to use their life for. While younger people can be (and are) very wise, this LifeStage is owned by those who have the unique perspective of having lived through years and years, and have the perspective that only those who have those years to reflect back upon can have.

Again, this can feel like the LifeStage of Confusion, and also Authenticity because certain questions such as ‘What now?’, ‘How do I do this?’ are pronounced. But this is combined with the position of needing to make good use of one’s time. There’s a recognition that it’s time to make a difference while there’s still time, or a need to find a new sense of purpose, something new to accomplish with the rest of one’s life.

Working together with these clients, we ‘mine’ recurrent past themes of interest, look at important interests that may be old, new or rediscovered, and take into consideration this larger world view that’s developed from years of living on the planet. Out of our work together we create a new personal, and possibly professional, ‘offer’ that makes use of old and new skills, perceptions, knowledge and experience so that the wisdom of this LifeStage is utilized and actualized.

Wisdom sounds like:

I’ve done a lot of things, and have achieved a level of success. Now I’m ready to try something really different, and meaningful, with my life.

Who will want to hire me at my age?

I’d like to work but not like I used to. I don’t have the need/desire/stamina to work the way I used to.

My spouse has retired and has more time, but I need/like/want to keep working at something.

I feel like I have to do something with my life that is meaningful. If I’m ever going to do it, I have to do it now.

I’m healthy, active and smart. Just because I’m older doesn’t mean I don’t want to work!