Sustainable confidence from the inside out.

Calm the voice taking up space in your head that stops you from speaking up, showing up, and taking the important actions you know will benefit your life.


LovingKindnessWorks is a site dedicated to supporting and empowering you to be a confident, kind, and effective leader in all areas of your life.

I’m Daisy Swan, a Career & Executive Coach for nearly 30 years.

Before anyone knew the term “life coach,” I was already coaching some of the world’s top performers in the creative, corporate, educational, and startup environments, helping clients gain clarity to move in the direction of their dreams.

To help you live a more satisfying life, I’m combining my decades of experience as a high performer’s Career and Executive Coach with kindness based mindfulness practice.

Wouldn’t you like to connect on a deeper level of authenticity and joy with your colleagues, boss, kids, partner, friends, and community? This level of engagement offers more satisfaction and meaning, something we’re all missing in today’s world.

Originating from the Buddhist Metta practice, my programs use a foundation of Mindful Awareness Meditation and Loving-Kindness practices to help you strengthen and encourage the mind towards compassion for oneself and others. From this foundation, you can truly build a sense of sustainable confidence.

These practices have transformed my life, and I know they can do the same for you.

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Working with Daisy…

“When Daisy Swan shares her unique skill set with you, you thrive professionally and personally. Her presence and insight provides you with the clarity required to take those crucial next steps. With compassion and candor she gets you moving in the direction of your dreams. Whether helping my son transition from college to employment or helping me embrace life after raising a family full-time, Daisy’s support and expertise has proved invaluable. She’s a coach, a mentor, and a wise guide. Her experience as a business coach combined with her extensive training in mindfulness practices allows her to address the whole person. We have benefited tremendously from Daisy’s depth and breadth of knowledge, creativity and dedication. ”

— L.G. - Entrepreneur