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Summer's over?! How did that happen?

Isn't the changing of the seasons something? September pops up on our calendars and all of a sudden we shift to a new wave of energy and perspective. I have several ways to put this new wave of energy to good use...

New energy and perspective

Years of working with clients on clarifying their personal and professional goals, has made it clear to me that what's really important is how we communicate with, and to, ourselves. From this foundation of self-talk we go out and talk to others – about who we are and what we're about. So from my perspective, communication is the foundation of absolutely everything.

While a job search is comprised of a set of mechanical steps to which we need to adhere (to some extent that part is easy to learn), the trickier issue is who we are being, and how we communicate with others so that they feel heard and seen and likewise, how easily others can see us for who we genuinely are.

Studies show that most job dissatisfaction comes from poor communication (ok, terrible communication) with a boss, and/or co-workers. Verbal and emotional recklessness are rampant in workplaces, not to mention in relationships of all kinds. It behooves us to work on these complex and key skills of speaking and listening, which have so much to do with our effectiveness and happiness at home and at work.

We all need help with development

To this end, I'm once again offering my six-week class, "Calm Communication: Skillful Strategies for Stressful Social Situations", at InsightLA. (the mindfulness center in Santa Monica, where I taught this past June and July). But this time, I've revised the curriculum. Last series, I focused on the communication skills of introverts; this time, I'm widening the scope to include extroverts. Why? Because we all need some help developing our ability to be present, to really hear one another. And to speak in ways that help others to hear us.

Using the foundational practice of mindfulness meditation, I will share a variety of tools, exercises and practices to increase presence, to really be with another. Interviewing, leading, running your own shop, staying connected with kids…it all comes down to being present and to communicating, to get the results you really want. Radical, huh?

Starting Wednesday, September 18, at InsightLA, 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM. Hope to see you there: www.insightla.org/1308/calm-communication-with-daisy-swan

Kelly WatsonAnother great opportunity for you to learn, and to move your career forward: Kelly Watson, co-author of "The Orange Line: A Woman's Guide to Integrating Career, Family and Life", will be joining me on Thursday, October 3, from 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM, for an interactive seminar at my Marina Del Rey office. We'll be hearing what she and her co-authors found, through extensive research, really works for women (well, and men too) when it comes to leading a satisfying life consisting of work and family, and personal interests. Kelly is a wonderful speaker – and teacher – who is also a wife and mother, and she walks her talk. Attendees will receive a copy of her book, as well as new ways of approaching the juggle that we call life in the modern world.

Curious about what the October 3rd workshop will entail? You can listen to a FREE introductory call recording of an interview between myself and Kelly Watson, which will be available via my web site on September 12. Click here to find the downloadable call recording, once available: www.daisyswan.com/career-coaching/resources/calendar-of-events

As for me, I'm heading into the last year of having a teenager at home. I'm learning a lot about transition time! So it's fitting that I'm offering my six-week "Transition" class again, beginning on Tuesday, September 17, from 12 Noon - 1:30 PM (Pacific), via phone. This teleclass, "In Transition: Choosing a Happier Way to What's Next", will follow the same format as my in-person classes, but offers the flexibility of "attending" the class from anywhere in the world. And you can listen to audio recordings of the classes, if you have to miss one of the dates. Read more about this class and register, here: www.daisyswan.com/career-coaching/life-stage-overview/classes

As always, you can also find a wealth of resources on my web site like suggested books, links to other helpful sites, a Q&A with me, newsletter archives, and more. You can even sign up to receive a FREE sample chapter from my e-book, "Making Work Work: Secrets from a Career Coach's Office"; the signup box is located right on our home page. And if you're really in a reading mood, remember to check out Find Bliss Magazine, to which I'm now a contributor. You can read my most recent article, in the July 2013 issue, here: "Do You Really Represent You?" Please feel free to tell your friends and colleagues about my FREE sample chapter, or any of our other resources, services and offerings.

And don't forget that with my one-on-one coaching services, I'm also here for your individual coaching needs. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions about any of my coaching services or if you simply want to provide some feedback or suggestions: anna@daisyswan.com or 1-877-872-3929.

Here's to a very energizing autumn!

Daisy Swan

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