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A Fruitful Learning Curve

The recent, hot days make it feel like summer's still upon us, but in fact, it's time to make the most of the last quarter of the year. As the new school year begins, we're all a bit predisposed to feel like it's time to start learning something new...again.

How do you step into the transition, or need for growth and learning, that's calling you?

Often, a convergence of issues or changes come together, at which point a switch is flipped – and suddenly the wait is over, the period of procrastination or magical thinking ends and we know, at that moment, that it's time to take action. My clients are those who acknowledge the CROSSROAD that they've reached; their questions about what to do next are loud and persistent. That's when we dig in to find out what else is available for them, to unearth the quiet information that's been buried – possibly denied for years – and find a new direction.


Novel ways of finding new careers show up all of the time. One of the most noteworthy new places to bolster your skills – and learn – in Los Angeles, is a spot called "General Assembly" – with locations in Santa Monica and Downtown L.A.

Tired of looking at job postings that include language that eludes you? Many of my clients, of all ages, are stepping up their skill set, readying themselves for the new and plentiful jobs cropping up to meet the demands of the digital marketplace. General Assembly offers in-person and on-line classes in social media marketing, coding, user experience and website analytics. And these classes really prepare people to step into jobs where they can hit the ground running.

It's not just what you know. A successful job search strategy also depends on who you know, and how you network.

To that end, I'll be leading a workshop at General Assembly/Santa Monica on Wednesday, October 22, from 7:00 PM-8:30 PM, called "Professional Networking Strategies for Non-Networkers". This workshop will help you prepare to overcome networking jitters so you can connect with the important people who can open doors in all social and professional settings.

Still hiding behind your computer, instead of venturing out? Are you attending functions, but still don't know how to talk about yourself? Introverts: this program is for you. Time to slay this dragon once and for all. For more information and to register for this workshop, please visit: https://generalassemb.ly/education/professional-networking-strategies-for-non-networkers/los-angeles/7849

Now that the job market is so much more robust, many of my clients are updating resumes and prepping for interviews. Using tips and techniques that help them to know they're as ready as possible, allows them to be organized, calm, clear and present – and ready with a great resume that helps them answer those tough questions.

It's a new season for me, too…

Daisy Swan and empty nest partner, Otto

{Daisy and her empty nest partner, Otto}

I launched my son off to college at the end of August and learned, again, that anticipation is worse than the real thing. I'm processing this transition into my empty-nest status and paying attention to what's calling me, now. My regular meditation practice helps me to listen, and to hear what's important to me at this time in my life – so that I stay well attuned. I do, in fact, practice what I preach.

Aside from the regular "Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPs) I" classes that I lead for UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center (you can see an on-going schedule of these class series', here: www.daisyswan.com/career-coaching/classes/), I also offer one-on-one Mindfulness Coaching.

Are you curious about mindful awareness practice, but can't make it to the 6-week UCLA programs I've been offering? Or are you interested in bringing a tailor-made mindfulness program to your office or organization?

I am now responding to requests from clients and organizations looking for mindfulness training that works for their schedules and needs. Everyone learns differently, and sometimes individuals can't make it to regularly scheduled classes. So I'm happy to arrange convenient sessions for one student, or many, during which clients will learn and practice various mindful awareness practices, discuss topics of interest, and clarify any questions or issues arising through, or during, on-going mindfulness practice outside of our meetings. If this sounds like a solution for you, please contact me via anna@daisyswan.com, to arrange for a free consultation and to discuss available options.

As always, here are some books I've been enjoying:

"Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence", by Rick Hanson

"Daily Rituals: How Artists Work", edited and with text by Mason Currey

"A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity", by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

"The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles", by Steven Pressfield and Shawn Coyne

You can also find a wealth of resources on my web site like other suggested books, motivational quotes, links to helpful sites, my newsletter archives, and more. You can even sign up to receive a FREE Values Exercise; the signup box is located right on our home page. And please do to tell your friends and colleagues about my FREE Values Exercise, or any of our other resources, services and offerings.

With any of my one-on-one coaching services, I'm always here for your individual coaching needs. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions about any of my services: anna@daisyswan.com or 1-877-872-3929.

Make some great strides, this fall!



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