• New Year. New You. Women’s Retreat Apr 21-24


    Undoubtedly the last couple of years have left you feeling weary and major life changes may have occurred with the backdrop of a pandemic as your landscape.  We are wired to react, and when our core values are out of alignment with our actions, we experience cognitive dissonance, which can lead to a variety of unhealthy behaviors and sap us of our vitality and creativity. Our body, relationships, and lives come into balance when we align our core values with our actions.  As we embark on a new year, new challenges lay ahead and what matters most is not the problems themselves, but how we respond to them. It’s time to pause, reflect, and for many of us, make some “course corrections.” This retreat is dedicated to creating a space where you can recharge, reset and renew your energy and focus for the future.  Together, we will support you as you explore how you want to BE and FEEL, take an honest personal inventory of what is not working in your life, and create an action plan to manifest your potential.  By taking these steps, you will experience an energetic shift so that you won’t just survive, you will thrive. There’s never been a better time to push your personal reset button.  Join us at the five-star luxury Ritz-Carlton, Bacara Resort to create a New You.