Coaching College Seniors

NEW! One-on-One Career Exploration and Job Search Coaching Packages, for College Seniors

(Ideal for Spring and Summer 2014 Graduates)

This NEW 11-session package (that’s five months’ worth of work) has been developed specifically with the new grad in mind. After working with hundreds of new and recent grads over the past 22 years, I’ve developed this one-on-one coaching package that provides the kind of practical assistance new grads need as they approach the job market. Helping potential grads stay calm and effective while they determine next steps, we’ll keep them on track to be ready with a job and/or the valuable contacts they need once they graduate. My clients are located all over the country; we connect regularly via phone and/or Skype and e-mail.

I’ve found that one-on-one career coaching is most effective with prospective graduates; this is a stressful time of transition for young people. With a sluggish job market the past number of years, many students are terrified of what’s ahead of them. Our coaching process includes an initial two (2) hour session that lays a strong foundation for our on-going work together, and creates a container of safety and trust so that your son or daughter knows they will be prepared to meet whatever challenge comes their way, as they move into the ‘real world’.

Utilizing a variety of assessments, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Strengths Finder 2.0 (all included), we will explore career and job options, and new directions that can be a launching pad into the world of work.

As networking opportunities and then actual job interviews develop, we will put emphasis on how to present oneself with confidence and clarity. Phone interviews are typical in the modern job search, and it’s essential that candidates know how to approach this from the start. We will be practicing these regularly.

Students will receive individualized resume writing assistance, with edits, until the document is done to satisfaction. Cover letter writing is an art that can be learned. All of this writing does not need to be painful! I’ll help your student know how to inject enough professionalism and personality, so that we aren’t sending prospective employers a lackluster cookie-cutter letter.

Networking and outreach strategies that result in valuable contacts and referrals, will be developed. We want your student to know how to present him/herself for years to come as they find their way into a career that works for them.

I also have experience working with parents and grads as they’ve negotiated the ‘coming home’ arrangement; crafting contracts that work for both parents and new grads so that a satisfying ‘launch’ occurs – empowering everyone.

You and your student worked hard to get into the college of their choice. Now the
rubber really meets the road. I’ll partner with your new graduate so they can see the
path that can become fulfilling and engaging work, for years to come.

This package includes:

  • Initial 2-hour session in-person or via phone/Skype
  • Ten (10) 45-minute phone coaching sessions (2 phone sessions per month)
  • All coaching sessions are with Daisy Swan, MA, CPCC, career expert,
    strategist, coach and counselor, encompassing a total of five (5) months’
    worth of work.

The price for this package is $1,870.00. Other arrangements can be customized to
fit your needs

For more information or to get started with this NEW one-on-one coaching package, please call 1-877-872-
3929 or email [email protected].