Hate Networking? Don't Do It!

Social networking, networking events, speed networking, alumni networking. That overused term — Networking… it’s enough to make anyone overwhelmed and stuck. Especially if you’re someone who has been working steadily, paying attention to making projects move along the way they’re supposed to. Not to mention taking care of kids, home, pets and maybe Little League, and then staying on top of the news. But suddenly the apple cart is turned up-side-down — news of a lay-off comes. Now you’re supposed to start networking (can you hear the exasperation?). My clients routinely tell me ‘I hate networking!’ ‘Agh – it’s the networking that’s the worst!’ ‘I hate those time wasting events that you have to go to. Why bother?’ I have heard more versions of that statement. Personally, I love to meet new people. I love to learn about what others are thinking and learning and arguing about. I love to… Read More

Your Stimulus Plan

Wow. This has been some ride lately. If you’re reading this you may be looking for ways to cope with having been laid off, downsized, right sized, wrong sized, fired, or worried about all of the above happening to you. You may also be thinking ahead and trying to come up with proactive ways to approach your next moves in your career — Your Stimulus Plan. I’m with our President — we will recover from this chaos and more and new opportunities will appear. What does that statement do to you when you read that? Take a moment to notice. Are you skeptical? Too anxious and impatient to take a breath? Or do you brighten just a tiny bit? Any of these reactions will inform you of how your beliefs are affecting your actions, and therefore your outcomes. My previous post was about not engaging in job search… Read More