Are You a Leader?

Do you consider yourself a leader in your field? Are you a leader disguised a follower? Is your boss getting in your way of leading and undermining your abilities to lead? Doesn’t just thinking about this make you mad? The upheaval our world is experiencing is making leadership opportunities more available to more people who might not have thought they could take the reigns and make an impact. Could that be you? I’ve worked with young clients who went from frustrated retail clerks to being in strong, thought leader positions because of the things they just knew how to do — and of course their willingness to get out there and try some new things, meet new people and ultimately package themselves and their skills in a compelling way. Don’t just get mad. Get going! Now’s the time for new people and to create opportunity for themselves; for those… Read More


As adults with college age or twenty-something kids, you’ve seen a lot of changes in our society and definitely in the working world. And your kids saw some of those changes happen, whether they were very aware of them or not. For those young people what they saw was ‘The Way Life Is’. So the dot com boom and the incredible money that many people in their twenties made, the huge press that these people got, along with the toys, homes, and subsequent opportunities is probably one of their assumptions about ‘The Way It Is’. Add to that the rise of women in a whole host of careers and the relatively new expectation that women can and should be able to achieve any professional level they want if they’re willing to go for it. Then add the incredible rise in Celebrity Star Power and Reality TV stardom, where the value… Read More