2007 update: More information about what we do

I love what I do — helping people get clear about what they want and then figuring out how to get there. Most of us don’t get enough of the right kind of encouragement to go for what we want and that’s what I, and my associate coaches are here to provide. It’s not just encouragement and support that we provide– I certainly don’t want to discount the encouragement we might get from family and friends when we’re going through an important transition– But a career coach can offer the various other perspectives and approaches that can really stimulate personal growth, decision making and action that leads to the sought after results. And it’s the start of 2007 — a time of year that many people decide to get moving so that they can see some results by the next December. We’re here to get things going.

Maybe it’s time to consider launching your own venture, or maybe you’re ready to move up to the next level in your career. Maybe you aren’t sure what the first or next step is, or you’re trying to support your child or spouse as they make the next moves. We have a group of coaches who can help with all of this. Our coaches well educated, smart, creative and are experienced at working with clients from all industries and professions, with people at all levels of their career development, from Coast to Coast. We all love to help people make the best decisions possible, using our intelligence, humor, intuition and knowledge of what this process is all about. We all want this to be the best year yet. That’s what it’s all about.