Mindfulness Coaching

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Is mindfulness coaching for you?

Are you too busy to enjoy your life?  We are a population of doers! We love to be productive! But usually, this level of busy-ness creates an unsustainable way of life.  I work with people who know how to juggle their responsibilities and be successful — up to a point.  Often I offer mindfulness coaching to clients who are suffering from burnout that is robbing them of their ability to make good decisions, see creative options, feel joy, or know how to manage their work and life in a way that is more balanced and satisfying. Burnout is a serious thing and can lead to illness, depression, and destroy meaningful relationships.  

While it’s simplistic to say meditation is the great fix, I can say I have seen so many people create more happiness and calm in their lives as a result of meditation practice. Whether they’ve worked with me in our one-on-one mindfulness coaching or in the mindful awareness meditation classes and programs they’ve done with me, they’ve increased their vitality and ability to find much-needed perspective that helps them in their daily lives.  We know that most elite athletes and otherwise successful people have made meditation a regular part of their daily routine…it’s a major part of their secret to success – and it can be yours, too!

I’ve been practicing meditation for over 40 years. When I started making this a part of my life, in the 1970’s, there weren’t any studies that showed the physical and mental health benefits of mindful awareness meditation. Now we have hundreds of scientific and academic studies that show how the brain, and our behavior, change for the better with repeated sessions of meditation.  [include a study or something here?] It’s simple, and yes, not always easy. But we know that nothing of value comes easily!

I was teaching meditation to individuals and groups in my 20’s and more recently became certified as a mindfulness instructor in 2012 after completing the year-long, well-respected Certification in Mindfulness Facilitation program at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center at the Semel Institute for Neurosciences. I am also trained to lead Jon Kabat-Zin’s well documented and very effective 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program. Additionally, I have studied with Mindful School’s Curriculum for grades K-8 and have taught classes for high school students.

I have been teaching 6-week mindful awareness practices classes for years, as well as programs like Mindfulness for Emerging Leaders for MBA students at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. And I’ve taught groups of high performers in a yearlong leadership development program being held in corporate organizations throughout the US. I have taught mindfulness to teachers in Teach for America in the LA schools, as well as for private groups requesting instruction. These programs have had a positive, ripple effect everywhere.

If you’re curious about how you can develop your mindfulness practice, to strengthen your sense of wellness, happiness and resilience, let’s talk.  Through regular meetings in person, or via video conferencing, we’ll strengthen your mindful awareness muscle so you can meet the demands and challenges you face day-to-day at work, or at home as a parent, spouse, and as a friend, with more balance, humor and compassion.

If your organization is looking for a customized program to increase employee leadership competency, resilience and productivity, I’ll work with you to develop the right curriculum, meeting your teams’ learning styles and objectives.

Contact [email protected] to set up a free consultation with me. Learn about what’s possible for you, or your organization.