About Career Coach Daisy Swan

My gift, I’ve realized, is my ability to tune into my intuition to deeply listen to and hear both myself and my clients. I’m a highly curious learner so all of these years of working with clients from such a wide range of industries and functions has given me the opportunity to share what I’ve learned from them. It’s a win/win.  Likewise, my own mindfulness meditation practice and years of studying other modalities to understand others (and myself) have helped me fine-tune my abilities to work with my clients.

I know from my own early life experiences, and from working with so many clients over the past 2 decades, that most of us don’t receive the encouragement and non-judgmental sounding board that we need in order to take our ideas, or dreams, seriously. Often it’s difficult to find the myriad ways to approach things creatively to have more of what we want. I’m here to support you in your exploration, strategy and success.

You’ll find me to be an enthusiastic learner about you and what’s important to you. I’m a believer in giving what I’d most like to be afforded: Presence, engagement and patience. I have been paying attention to how to be present for a long time and my clients always benefit from this.

 My street cred: I have a BA in English Lit, and an MA from the University of Chicago in Social Sciences. I have earned my professional coaching certification through a two-year program, as well as a somatic coaching certification also during 2 years of intensive training. I am also certified to teach mindfulness through UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC.UCLA.edu) and their one-year intensive training and have done extensive training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. I’ve been meditating since I was a teenager and I put real stock in the grounding and health benefits of stillness and quiet.

Last but definitely not least, being a mother to my now adult son has been the most gratifying and powerful experience of my life. Overcoming the challenges of divorce and the sometimes difficult co-parenting experience, I understand what these challenging times are for parents and their kids. I love to support women and men to create their successful and meaningful way of making a living as I have, on my own. We can all do it. I’m here to help.

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