The Whole Life Approach

Taking a Whole Life Approach to Your Career

We all know it. If you aren’t happy at work, you aren’t happy in your life. And these days your work is with you everywhere you go. Now more than ever we all have to find a way to work that works for us, not just for our employer or our clients.  I help my clients take a deep look at what they are doing and how they got here. Then we look at what they really want to do, even when they come to me not knowing what’s next. That’s our work together…to find what’s next that will re-ignite them to do their best work. For some clients this is a major change, and for others just a slight tweak. We find this out in our on going conversations; these are a different kind of conversation from those with friends or family. I listen to you and you only to hear what’s really working or not, what your dreams and fears are so that we can unpack these to make real sense of these and to let go of what’s important to let you of so that you can really move forward. And move forward in the way that really works for you; your pace, your style, the meaning you make of things.

Because I am a right and left brain thinker…also known as creative and pragmatic or logical, I offer you my intuitive take as well as the knowledge I have developed and continue to develop, to help you look for what can be the missing pieces of your career puzzle. Difficult boss or co-worker situations, stress got you by the throat, looking for more meaning and life satisfaction, need to freshen up your resume, online and interview presence, find the company that can help you advance, move through the transition from mom (new or not) to back at work mom, all of these scenarios fit into the work I do with clients. And we do all of this with the rest of your life as part of the equation.

I draw from 20+ years of working with all kinds of clients – top level executives, entrepreneurs and entrepreneur minded, mid-career changers, new grads looking for way to get started – to bring a deep perspective on what the work looks like now. I also bring my lifelong belief that if you’re going to work, you need to love what you do. I don’t know where that belief came from, but it started early. I remember sitting in my high school classes dreaming up ways for high school me and other high school grads to find the paths that would make them happiest. My path was unintentionally unconventional, but it took me to the right work, helping others do what’s most important for them.

I also bring my lifelong interest and practice of meditation and body centered wisdom into my work. I share this, as needed, to help people become more comfortable in their own skin as they interview, meet others at professional/social gatherings that translate into work opportunities, and to find a way to live with the stresses of contemporary life. Too out of your comfort zone? Maybe. Maybe not.

Let’s see what we can do for you so that life and work move together instead of at cross purposes. You work to live, yes? And love to live to work – no matter what your work is, let’s find a way to love it so it doesn’t feel like work.

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