Are You A Narcissist?

Have you ever thought of yourself as being a narcissist? Have you ever felt that way about others? What is it that led to that opinion? According to many, we have more and more of these people around us; but what exactly is narcissism? Generally speaking, it is defined as a set of behaviors that focus on self-centeredness taken to the extreme. There are healthier expressions of narcissism in their moderate forms; healthy narcissism that stimulates us to work out and be fit to look good can however be taken to the wrong side of things. Namely, many confront with the so-called pathological form of narcissism that gets in the way of one’s happiness and ability to function as a normal individual. Which category do you think you fall into? Here are a few tips that should help you figure things out.


You Are Obsessed With Your Looks

You spend tons of money on clothes and beauty products and accessories. You have an obsession for always looking glamorous and you enjoy wearing a lot of makeup, cleavage, expensive clothes that are usually flashy, drawing all the attention. You like to receive many likes and retweets on your favorite social media networks and you suffer a great deal when that does not happen or it takes some time to happen; your behavior is somehow similar to that of a business person eagerly waiting for important client phone calls and always keeping an eye on the efficiency of their marketing campaigns with the help of the Addsource call tracking system.

These folks are interested in achieving success for their business, and you, as a narcissist, are interested in feeling like the best. You use your pocket mirror, phone screen, other people’s sunglasses, shop windows and every possible item that can help you check out your reflection.  You find it hard to avoid a chance to check out your appearance, and this could lead to some rather dangerous situations while in traffic.