Successful businessman, careerCareer can be a word loaded with many feelings and associations. How is your career going? What are you doing today? Who are you being today?

You might be feeling like you have lost your way on your career path, or you might feel like you never actually chose a career path, but rather it found you. Perhaps you never really felt like you’ve found the right career fit. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re ready to start a new career path altogether and want to scrap what’s come before today!

Of course, there are those who want to continue to grow and move up in your career, with more leadership, creativity, and stature but somehow you find yourself stuck and feeling like you’re going around in circles instead of being on the road to somewhere more meaningful.  You may, also, be someone who is stepping back onto a path after taking a pause. Any of these places along a career path can feel daunting and overwhelming to manage. Especially during this historically turbulent time of change and acceleration.

With so much change comes so much opportunity ~ if we can manage the fear and anxiety! With curiosity, creativity and guidance you will find so much ahead of you that beckons you to keep moving towards what you’re yearning for! Working together, we will discover what is most stimulating, most satisfying and what meets your personal needs, so that you are moving in the career direction that has you feeling the most alive and motivated.

We’ll work together, using exercises, assessments, your strengths and knowledge, combined with my years of experience, to move you past any blocks – strategic, emotional, technical –

so that you are successfully moving forward with your ‘tools’ ready [resume, cover letter, interviewing skills] to successfully find the right next opportunities to make the most of your days.

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