Looking deeply at or into something with openness and curiosity can be the most engaging moments we experience. We lose our separateness from what we are engaging with ~ and can be surprised by what we find!  More questions may arise and lead us down new paths to explore. We can experience this in nature, in relationships with others, when we’re studying something, maybe even when we’re eating; whatever it is – it’s when we’re are really paying attention. The attention is what makes the difference, it’s what creates more interest, more depth. And ultimately more satisfaction.

When you feel stuck in your career trajectory or day-to-day life you have probably lost that enlivening sense of curiosity. The rush of demanding life conspires to keep you far from yourself and the quiet that can provide the space to connect with what is right in front of you. This distance from ourselves can keep us from feeling connecting, and aware of, what’s most fascinating and inspiring to us.

Working together, we’ll focus on re-discovering you and what sparks your sense of wonder and interest. We will re-awaken and un-earth dormant interests, and find new interests as well.  Through a series of coaching conversations, questions, exercises – and a bit of magic that seems to arise when any of us spends time really looking – we will open the door(s) to new opportunities for ways of working and living that genuinely work for you!

Some of my clients want to learn more about ways to find quiet time, and about meditation practices, which I regularly teach and share with groups and individuals. We can discuss a variety of ways to help you find your way back to your essential self so you can enjoy the satisfaction of engagement and a deep sense of knowing so that you can access more choice in your life than you may have tasted in a while.

Ready to dig in and find out what else is calling your name? Curious about how we’ll go about that? For more information or to begin coaching, call 1-877-872-3929 or email [email protected].