Digital Dilemma

I know it’s an understatement to say we are living in extraordinary times. The fascinating and radical transitions our world is experiencing with online media and advertising, the telecom craze and the global marketplace is staggering. Maybe I read too much — I don’t think so — but when I read article after article about the new developments in business that combine creativity and commerce all I see is abundant opportunity within reach for everyone. Everyone, that is, who is courageous enough to reach out and touch it.

Colleen DeCourcy is the new Chief Digital Officer at TBWA according to today’s Wall Street Journal. Clearly she has a big job ahead of her — bringing an agency to workable consensus of how to function by integrating digital as Standard Operating Procedure. The paper (I hope newspaper’s never go away — what’s better than standing at the kitchen counter with a great cup of coffee reading a great paper? — Hope you’re listening Mr. Murdoch) ran a great article today that includes a discussion with Ms. DeCourcy about digital media that highlights the need for digitally savvy creators and marketers. I get excited by statements like Ms. DeCourcy’s, “I think that people who continue to be culture eaters regardless of their age are trainable”. She points out that “People are mistaking recognizing digital as an object of conversation with having the craft to throw down”. What an invitation to learn and have something to ‘throw down’! There is such opportunity in this field for hands on learning and creativity — the new developments in digital marketing offer a place for creators of all kinds to sharpen their creative talents to use in a whole new way. The opportunities can boggle the mind — but they are there for those willing to invest time and money. Looks like a worthwhile investment. The marketplace needs courageous adventurers to get out there and grab the possibilities.

Be a culture eater and make something happen. I’ve always said that we need to ‘turn over rocks’ to find what’s available to us that we can’t see on the surface…that sounds a lot like DeCourcy’s ‘culture eaters’. It’s a feast out there. For the hungry the soup’s on!