Dreaming In Color

Guest Contributor for My L.A. Lifestyle

I love to bake. Pies, in particular. I often do this while listening to NPR on KCRW. So when I had learned that Evan Kleiman of the noteworthy KCRW show, “Good Food”, was teaching a class on pies at The Gourmandise School in Santa Monica, I signed up immediately.

I’ve made a lot of pies, but I’m self-taught. To learn from Evan — well, you can imagine (or maybe have experienced) the thrill of just standing next to someone who’s an idol (say, Kobe or Derek Jeter, Hillary Clinton or Annie Lebowitz) — it’s a kick and well, a moment.

Evan owned and ran her restaurant, Angeli Caffe, for about 27 years and made the hard decision to close it last winter. I’ve listened to scores of interviews that Evan’s done on her KCRW show and have always appreciated her straightforward conversational style, the inside scoop on the good food she’s discussing with her good humor. And Evan’s involved in so many projects and conversations that I find interesting and important (which, by the way, I didn’t know about until we talked about them later): Farm-to-table food, food policy, educating our kids about where food comes from, and how nutrition and the business of food impacts us.

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