Enter 2013! Time to reboot.

Guest Contributor for My L.A. Lifestyle

As 2013 rounds into view, I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel – in fact, there’s lots of data that says we all are.

We’ve lived through several remarkable years that have stretched everyone in a myriad of ways. Finally, it looks like we may be emerging from the worst of the retracted job market. But this is still not the job market that it once was. Many people have had to change how they work, learn and retool, and many people have endured jobs that they’d rather have left, after co-workers were let go and work demands increased. Even if your work hasn’t changed, the pace of life has increased as emails, technologies, and choices flood our lives.

With increased responsibilities, loss, and overwhelm – and ultimately, stress – we tend to emotionally retract into a defensive posture. We can close down; our dreams may feel thwarted; our irritation level rises and burnout takes over.

Enter 2013! Time to reboot.

Finding a way back to an energized quality that sparks new possibilities and opportunities, can be tricky. Researcher and author Brené Brown has found that vulnerability is essential to creativity and innovation. But who really wants that?

Think about it. Does shutting down feel good? Or does feeling alive and fulfilled? What does it take, then, to bring something fresh into our lives and our work, which results in a new and reinvigorated vision? New tools are needed to bring that to fruition.

I, and a group of wonderful experts in wellness, mindful mental health and even relationships and parenting, will be leading “CREATING A MINDFUL LIFE”, a half-day interactive workshop, on Saturday, February 2, 2013 from 9 AM – 1 PM, in a Los Angeles location TBA. This workshop will address new and effective ways to start 2013 off right, so that you too, can live a balanced and fulfilling life. We’ll share ways to:

      – Create a healthy narrative and vision to change your story, and open yourself up to new work and life opportunities


      – Nurture wellness for disease prevention and increase life force to overcome stress


    – Cultivate mindful practices to create connected and compassionate relationships at home and at work.

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