Entrepreneurship: What It Takes and Do You Have It

Join us for our June 8th Panel Discussion and Networking Event!  

Scroll down to read about our panelists whose inspiring stories and tips will help you formulate ideas and new strategies to move forward in your own business and career!


Have you been contemplating striking out on your own, by starting a new business? But a little – or a lot! – hesitant to do so? Not even sure where to begin, or if it’s the right move for you?

It’s clear that entrepreneurship is our way out of this recession – whether you head out on your own while working, or want to be a more innovative and proactive contributor in your current workplace – it’s essential to hold on to that bigger view of what’s ahead of you.

Join us on June 8th to meet our five panelists who will be speaking about how they started their businesses and what challenges and opportunities they’ve experienced. This will be an opportunity to hear the truth about working for yourself, from a variety of people who transitioned from employee to employer.

Event attendees will hear about the panelists’ trials and tribulations in launching businesses of varying kinds, and the accompanying ups and downs of entrepreneurship. We’ll be discussing the steps that the panelists took in order to follow their passions and to create their own autonomy. Attendees will learn about what it takes to get going, and to keep going, and will receive a realistic picture of what to expect, how long the process takes, and what not to do when launching a business.

Daisy Swan will moderate this panel, while adding information and recommendations for how others can make a similarly successful jump.

June 8th event attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions, offer perspectives and meet other curious individuals of like mind. Light refreshments will be available, and as with all of Daisy Swan & Associates’ events, there is a strong potential for meeting highly creative, intelligent people of all ages and LifeStages, through the networking portion of the evening.

June 8th event guests may opt-in to be included in, and receive, a contact listing of all attendees, for post-event networking purposes.*

Date: Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time: 6:45 PM to 9:00 PM (Registration, 6:45 PM; Program, 7:00–8:15 PM; Open Networking, 8:15–9:00 PM)

Location: Working Village

212 Marine Street (between 2nd and Main Streets)

Santa Monica, CA 90405

Tickets for this event are $35 per person in advance, and $45 per person at the door.

$35 per person (in advance of the event):

Panel Members Include:

Amy Swift Crosby is the founder of SMARTY, a women’s entrepreneurial network based in Los Angeles, and as such, Amy has created hundreds of programs designed to foster community, education and collaboration across many business platforms. The thousands of women-owned businesses who have been helped by SMARTY have put Amy into the league of connector of women, creator of top notch in-person content and conduit for visibility, media and partnerships. Amy founded SMARTY in 2008 after a seasoned career as a brand strategist and copy writer in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries, where she continues to advise. www.smartypeople.com

Natalie Compagno fell in love with traveling when she spent a Summer in France for a high school exchange program. She has been to over 75 countries and six continents and her favorite part about seeing the world is how much she learns about world culture, music, art and people. Research is everything, which is why in 2007 she bought the Traveler’s Bookcase, an indie bookstore devoted to travel located in West Hollywood. She runs the store and is committed to helping people discover really unique travel destinations and experiences, whether at home or abroad. Natalie uses her travels to discover new and rare books from around the world to import, available in store or online at TravelBooks.com. Some of her most memorable trips have been to Iceland, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua and Slovenia, but her favorite city will always be Paris.

Chris Woodward is the president of Henry Woodward Communications, a Los Angeles- based corporate marketing and public relations firm. She creates successful campaigns for companies across the Western United States. She has spent more than two decades representing companies in a wide range of industries, including health, finance, insurance, architecture, engineering, real estate, law, recreation, high technology, and aviation. Chris has designed campaigns for Los Angeles World Airports, the Boeing Company, Earth Tech, Loyola Marymount University, and Raging Waters Theme Parks, to name a few. Three years ago, Chris created My PR Tools to bring the benefit of her expertise to small businesses with her marketing and PR consulting packages and DIY marketing guides.

She shows professionals and entrepreneurs how to stand out from the crowd and take their business to the next level with affordable marketing strategies that hit the sweet spot with target clients.

Reisha Fryzer graduated from Boston University’s business school, and then took a year off to study French in Paris, where she learned what her mama meant by eating fresh. Parisians shop daily for the ingredients they need for that day’s meal – from the neighborhood bakery, to the butcher shop, to the farmers’ markets that were open every day. When she returned to L.A. she learned her way around local farms and farmers’ markets, then earned her chef certificate at the Epicurean Culinary School and supplemented that with vegan cooking classes. Reisha then turned her love of agriculture and the slow food movement into a business that could bring this healthy way of eating to her neighbors in Los Angeles…that was the start of Farm Box LA, her business that delivers organic fruits and vegetables to your front door.



Josh Crosby is a multi-sponsored ultra-endurance athlete, Ironman World Champion Competitor, and World Champion rower. He brings an elite caliber athletic pedigree to Indo-Row®, a growing international fitness program he created for an intense, full- body, team-oriented workout. Indo-Row®, short for ‘Indoor Rowing’, was launched in 2004 at a small studio in Santa Monica with only 5 rowers. In 2008, Josh partnered with Fitness Quest, a renowned marketer and investor in early stage lifestyle products, and with WaterRower, a rowing machine manufacturer, in order to scale the business internationally. Now, with two bustling locations in Los Angeles and in 50 fitness clubs and boutique studios worldwide, Indo-Row has quickly grown into what has been dubbed “the next spinning”, for its popularity and cult following. Josh is a regular on the international fitness convention circuit where he has become a respected presenter and personality. Josh also consults with companies like Gatorade and FISA, the International Rowing Association, and has been featured in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Angeleno, DailyCandy, CNN, The Today Show, Fox News, Extra, Fit TV, and as the face for Nike, New Balance, Asics and Adidas. www.joshcrosbyfitness.com

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