Horrible Bosses and Bravery Sometimes do Mix

It’s an interesting phenomenon – the issues my clients face seem to come in waves. Recently I’ve seen several people who are struggling with horrible bosses and really lousy work environments. It makes sense, right? More people are more stressed at work that ever. Doing more with less, less turn around time to get things done, more emails, texts, etc coming at us than ever.  But is this really unavoidable? Do you have to suffer in silence, take the abuse and then spread the negativity by talking it out with your friends and family; growling at the cashiers your encounter, drinking too much, or however else you deal with the nasty behavior of people who ‘control’ your working life?

You know what I’m going to say, right? No you don’t have to take it. Recently several clients of mine has decided that sticking it out in toxic work situations was not worth the risk of ruining their mental and physical health. They actually decided that, even without actual jobs to move to but with other options in the wings, to resign.  Making the decision was scary, certainly, all things considered. But all things were considered, so clarity reigned.  This is where the bravery lives.

The upside of this bravery is that new opportunities did open up – options that wouldn’t have been obvious or even available previously became obvious. And important feedback was given to upper management in a professional and unemotional way that things had gotten out of control in their organization.  The ripple effects were immediate.  Changes clearly needed to be made in these workplaces. In a few cases, my clients have been asked to stay on, or after they left were invited back when changes were made.  They were even asked to contribute their voice to how measures could be taken to improve things.

Transformation is like this…Often we need to get out on that limb to really take a stand for what we know is right.  The extraordinary fear and the doubt that often accompany change like this heightens the experience.  Trusting ourselves, and what’s genuinely right for us, is essential to our success, and ultimately to the success of others, as well.

Do you have to take it? No.