How Effective are You When You're Worried?

I’m a pretty good worrier. Being a parent, I can muster up a lot of things to worry about. Once I get started I can worry about all sorts of things. When I was 16 I started thinking about peace of mind. I decided that that was something I was seeking; that was larger goal of mine. And that’s when I started meditating. I don’t meditate as regularly as I used to, and I know it would help me with my worrying. I have other grounding techniques that help me center myself so that I can be more available for the situations I find myself in. Being grounded helps me to be effective and counterbalance the challenges that inevitably arise. Especially these days.
How about you? Are you effective when you’re worrying? A lot of people lose confidence when they’re worrying and they do things that move them farther away from where they want to be. As a career coach and strategist I, and the associates I work with, help clients to find their ground again to make sound decisions and take actions that move them forward — sometimes in directions they hadn’t considered before. Having someone to discuss your specific career situation without an agenda or judgement, who knows the terrain and can help you look beyond your worst fears, is very enriching. This is the kind of fortification that can enable you to make the next phone call or shoot for the higher goal, find the right fit that you didn’t realize was there. We aren’t going to read your aura or go digging through your dirty laundry. We’re going to help you see through the smoke of fear, worry and doubt so you can breathe some clean fresh air and take the kind of actions that help you make the progress you want. And find a way to stop the worry even without meditation. Although we may encourage that, too.