How to make career

Life is not easy as many people around here say… many difficulties come when it’s time to think about a future job. Most of all, many young people have this fear to be inadequate and they feel very unsure about a job interview.

With this article we want to help you find your way to your own career. A few important tips will be given to suggest you the right attitude towards a first job interview.

1. Consider that making a career means much more than getting money to live. It means to choose your whole future life, so it’s important you feel really ready to make this decision. We do also know that young people are pressed and sometimes overpressed by their families to go and choice a career, this may lead to a wrong step in life.

2. keep an open minded attitude towards your chosen profession and take into consideration each chance you may get. For example, a good biologist should also think about taking a photography course to improve his skills in the observation of insects and flowers.

3. another thing you should consider is the stress from work. Each work causes some stress: sometimes more and sometimes less. So, choose a profession that doesn’t put you in the situation of not having enough time to reload your “batteries”. Consider that a too hard job will consume you very soon.

4. most people wonder how to choose a profession, how to understand what job is the right one. This is a good question. We have a tip: to better understand if the job of your dream really is the right one for you, try a volunteer experience in that field. If you like that profession even without getting paid, then you will like it more if you choose it as your career!

5. What do people who work in the same field think about their job? do they still like it? ask something like this to the people who already work in the same field of your favorite job. From their answers you will get a better idea.

6. Listen all the advices you might get from people or family. But always remember that after all it’s your life, so put your voice among the other ones. Consider the pros and cons.

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