"I cannot always control what goes on outside. But I can always control what goes on inside."

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like this is so easy, does it? Wayne Dwyer’s quote is a good one to repeat over and over — a mantra of sorts — especially these days. Again and again I hear people talking about the paradigm shift we’re all dealing with. The proverbial ‘salad’ being tossed into the air but there’s no bowl to catch it…What new ways of working are we all creating? Reading about Hulu yesterday made me pause and think…The genie is out of the bottle and nobody knows how to get it, or the monetization that makes our world go around, back in the bottle. Or do they? Seems we’re all trying to figure this new world marketplace out. Even the best and brightest.

So then I put the paper down (yes, I read the paper and I’m mad as hell that newspapers are going away! I love reading the paper and I know so many people who do. Every day I silently plead don’t let our papers go away.) and I remember to release my shoulders that have crept up my back closer to my ears, and I take a deep breath – realizing how shallow my breathing has been all day. And then I move on to the next article about people becoming entrepreneurs because they’ve been laid off and have decided to make the move to self-employment (thank you Wall St. Journal). And while I read I notice my breathing, and my back against the couch. I hear the Dallas/Denver game in the background. And I think to myself…we’ll figure all of this out. Collectively we’ll figure it out. And then I tell my son to go to bed and I stretch my arms to be sure my back is broad enough to hold all of the weight of the world and then I release them and drop all of it. Ta da!