Is it time for you to be fired? Laid off?

More than one of my clients needs to be fired. OK, maybe just laid off. That would be ideal. One of my clients has been wanting to make a change in his life for years actually, but he’s so loyal to his employer that he just can’t seem to leave. We haven’t been working together on this for years — he’s come back to me a few times almost ready. Now there are so many good reasons to leave; he’s ready for more challenge, ready to develop new colleagues, get a different perspective on the world, more money would be fine but not necessary. Sometimes it’s just time to grow and learn more about everything. Now we’re laughing because there’s the possibility that he’ll be let go. And the fire under him would be lit and the energy ignited for change.

I’m reading Po Bronson’s book, What Should I Do with My Life. Why? I discuss this question with people of all ages every day, several times a day. Why read a book about it? I love it. Because it’s comforting to read stories about strife leading to clarity. It does happen. I see it all the time with clients and it brings the satisfaction and reward we both want. Troubled times wrench us into clarity by squeezing the important stuff to the surface. Change and growth and new work does happen. Listen to yourself and know that things do work out. We are a Nation of survivors and inventors — thrivers. Let go and know there’s something fresh and important ahead.