Learn to Use Technology to Find Who and What You Want

Knowing how to properly use technology, and specifically sites like Linked In, Facebook, and Myspace, can be instrumental in your search for job opportunities. However, these sites have the potential to do more harm than good if they are not used effectively.

The first thing to consider when using technology to aid in a job search is the specific message you want to send. Remember that people often assess you based on information from a variety of sources, so having a consistent message is essential. Everything from your photos online to the voice message on your phone should be kept clean and professional. In addition, you can show your initiative by creating your own website that has your resume, writing samples, or a portfolio of work experience on it.

From here you can start to think about creating or updating your profile on the various social networking sites. Keep in mind that employers are using these sites as tools to learn about who you are. Don’t think they aren’t interested in knowing how you spend your free time or your money because they are. They are determining what sort of character you have not only by what you tell them on your resume and in your interview, but also by what you show online.

If you have a Facebook or Myspace account for social reasons, be sure to check your privacy settings or clean it up. Imagine if you were running a business and you saw lewd or wild photos on the site of an employee or potential employee. You can say that this shouldn’t have any bearing on your work, but if an employer sees you being indiscreet with yourself they may assume that you have the potential to be indiscreet with your work, the goings on at work, your co-workers, etc.

Linked In is a great site to have a strictly professional profile. Many jobs on Linked In specify that they are looking for people with recommendations. If possible, get recommendations from people you’ve worked with or even had internships with. Also, it is not required that you have a photo of yourself on Linked In, but it can help if you have a good looking professional photo as part of your profile. It is always nice for potential employers to have a face to put with a name.

Lastly, keep in mind that just because people and opportunities can be found, ie, seen online, doesn’t mean that it is easy to get a job online. Finding a job is still about connecting with people- face to face. If an employer has an option to hire someone who is personally referred by someone they know, they’ll probably opt for that person over someone they find outside their network of friends. Be prepared to talk with as many people as possible. Let people know who you want to work for and why. And then be ready to explain why they should hire you.