The LifeStage of Authenticity characteristically shows up for a person after enough of life has been experienced such that they can’t not be who they are now ‘called’ to be. This is like a rite of passage that pushes people to take a real stand for themselves. They know they’ve experienced what they’ve experienced and they know what they’ve sacrificed or earned. The time has come to get real. While people in other LifeStages may speak of wanting to be authentic, this is the time when there’s a new call to action that requires gaining clarity about what’s important and significant now – so much so that new leaps of faith can be made. This new place, this new Life Stage, feels like choiceless-ness, ferociousness, staking a claim with new energy such that action has to be taken…but what actions? The LifeStage of Authenticity has the quality of certainty that it’s time – but for what?

We support clients at this time of their lives in gaining clarity about what their lives have shown them thus far. We look for the important information that has been there all along but which, for any number of reasons, hasn’t been listened to or seen. We take this information seriously to help us, together, craft a new set of principles, standards and actions that help our clients accelerate through this transition to really own a new place in their life and world. What they then become or do with this knowledge is marked by the sense of solid authentic action and position in life.

Authenticity sounds like:

I’ve been through so much and have accomplished a lot; now I need to put things together so they really work for me.

My life has recently changed (divorce, kids out of the house, married, remarried, finished further education) and I want to put my life together to create my ‘life’s work’.

I need to let go of old ways of doing things and I don’t know how. I’m finally ready to make a change I’ve been thinking about for a while.

I feel an excitement about doing something new with my life and work, but I don’t know what it needs to look like.

I’ve put a lot of my life on hold for my family; now I’m really ready to do something fulfilling for me.

I want to live a good life and make a lot of money. I finally know I can make this happen but I’m not exactly sure of the steps.

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