The LifeStage of Beginning is apparent because it’s clear this is the start of working life. Beginnings are exciting and anxiety provoking because of the element of the unknown. At the end of a particular part of life – say graduating from college or graduate school, taking a hiatus from schooling or starting a work life after years of parenting – the transition to working life, or even just after that transition when the reality of this new phase begins – the Beginning can be overwhelmingly open and looming with questions. Questions like ‘Now what?’ ‘ Where do I begin?’ “What do I need to do to have this be successful?” ‘Why does this feel so awkward? I should know what I’m doing.” ‘I didn’t think this would feel or be like this; am I doing this right?’ ‘How come nobody told me about this?’ I often hear this from clients who thought they knew, or hoped they knew what they were going to do with this beginning. Sometimes things, out of my clients’ control, have happened that alters their well laid out plans for their beginning – parents divorce, someone falls ill, trusted friends change the agreed upon plan, an emotional break-up changes the view of the future. These things happen. The realities of the Beginning can be overwhelming. All of this change can create an overwhelmed confused person with questions about how to ‘do’ life.

We at Daisy Swan & Associates know what Beginning feels and looks like and we know it’s not a very comfortable place to hang out in. We offer our clients tools and strategies to find the answers that will simplify their lives to ease the discomfort of not knowing, and to find ways of knowing what they want to see happen. Then we work on how to take the necessary steps to get what they want. We support our clients in gaining clarity to create, find and/or manage the opportunities that they may not be aware of. This is a great time to plan, envision, explore to develop a new vision, and expand one’s view of what’s available. We look at long and short-term options and actions to help our clients create an interesting life that gets them moving in the right direction for them.

Beginning sounds like:

I don’t know where to start. I’m so confused about how I’ll get all of the things I want in my life; it’s so overwhelming.

What do I want to do with my life?

Should I go to graduate school? Now or later?

Where should I live?

Which job should I take?

What should I spend money on? I had no idea everything would be so expensive!

I’ve been in this assistant position for a while; how do I know when it’s time to move on?

How do I move on to a new job? I work all the time so I don’t know how to look for a new job and get this job done.  How do I quit without burning bridges?

I’ve got too many interests….I don’t know how to narrow down my options.

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