The Roadblock LifeStage is characteristic of those who have been moving in a particular direction with particular expectations and outcomes in mind; however, at a certain point – and this might be something that’s been nagging at them for quite a while, or just hits them like a ton of bricks – they realize that they aren’t achieving what they expected to achieve. I recognize this experience of Roadblock when a client talks about the experience of trying to ‘get somewhere’ but they don’t feel or see that they are making the progress they wanted. Sometimes they’ve been trying to ignore how uncomfortable they are in their work lives, finally realizing something just isn’t working.

The Roadblock LifeStage may be obvious by the use of ‘D’, ‘B’, and ‘N’ words: Disappointed, Discouraged, Defeated, Brick wall, Bored, Burnt out, Blindsided, Not, Never, Nobody, Negative. When I hear these words I know there’s something new for my client – something we’ll find together which uses their gained experiences and their innate gifts.

This is the time for some powerful ‘R’ words: Reflection, Reassessment, Realignment, Resourcefulness, Recuperation, Reality check and Revamp. At Daisy Swan & Associates we work with our clients to help them Re-connect and find out what elements are missing from the current situation so that together, we can Re-create a plan that is based on practical and visionary elements that Re-invigorate each person, to move into action to achieve sometimes surprising – but definitely stimulating – Results.

Roadblock sounds like:

I’m looking at all of my friends and they’ve made more progress than me.

I’ve just been laid off and feel discouraged. How do I get moving now?

My wife just had a baby and we need to figure out how we’re going to juggle everything. I, or she, needs to find a new way of working so we can manage all of this.

We just got married and I’m re-thinking what I want my career to look like.

I’ve been working for 9 years and I’m burnt out and frustrated. Is this what I’m going to do for the rest of my life?

I thought I would have accomplished some major milestones by now, but I haven’t.

It’s time for a new job and lifestyle. I’ve just gone through a divorce and I need to change how I’m doing everything!

I’m an associate in a law / accounting / advertising firm and I’m sick of it. What do I do now?

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