Livelihood Is True Fun

Finding one's true vocation, and, forming a healthy (self-directed) livelihood is really everybody's baseline responsibility in life. Most people think (or, they are told, and they believe it) that getting a 'good' job and an adequate if not comfortable income is the way to go. Others, who tend to be entrepreneurs, question whether either a job or an income are enjoyable, liberating enough ways to live.


Paradigm Shift Within


While it is true enough that our present age offers unparalleled opportunity for adopting one's own livelihood, there is another kind of healthy shift within oneself that is probably primary.

Some like to use the phrase, 'out of the box', and we could apply this to the ideas that employment and income are good, if we're open-minded enough to do that. We could, by contrast, think of entrepreneurship, humanitarianism, or even personal leisure as the new baseline — we would have to come up with another evaluation, this time somewhat lower, of jobs and income.


Livelihood Is Purposeful and Playful


Have you noticed that very often people who are self-directed are playful, and, people stuck in jobs they do not fully enjoy are not playful? True, it's very possible for many people to love their jobs, and to have jobs that permit them to have fun. However, even those people could experience something even better.

Doing something you are passionate about is playful, even though (like sports) the play may contain challenging moments. The content of our playful, creative energy (as in, the type of work we like to do, things we like to make, and so forth) is not universal — but our passion for what matters most is a gift we all have. Being able to learn something is a gift.

You will encounter many things that could slow you down, in a society of people who mostly settle for following others' agendas in their work lives. You will see, for example, many kinds of entertainment, such as online casinos that say visit our website to play and win, or other amusements, and these could distract. Stay firm and open to yourself, for your truest passion to emerge. It may even be mobile poker.