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Daisy Swan is a sought after career coach helping new graduates, seasoned professionals and those in career transitions. Below are some of the websites that have requested expert career advice from Daisy.

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Are You Really Ready To Quit Your Job?




Dating While Unemployed: 5 Things to Remember



January 27, 2014: Daisy Swan on a SAG Foundation Panel, “LifeRaft: Goal Setting and Strategic Planning”

How do you define a successful year? What goals do you still have on your list from 2013? Do you have clear action items for each goal? During this January 27 SAG Foundation “LifeRaft” Panel, panelists discussed methods of goal setting and strategic planning to set Screen Actors Guild members up for a successful 2014. Panel members included Ryan Basham, Oona Mekas, Daisy Swan and Ben Whitehair, with Moderator, Dennis Baker, LifeRaft Program Director. The topics in this discussion don’t just apply to SAG members, so watch the video above!





Career – Waking up to What’s Important








Listen for Truth, Find the Time




On Monday, April 16, during the 11 PM airing of Los Angeles’ CBS 2 News, Daisy appeared in a segment about women and their careers versus men and their careers. If you missed the broadcast, take a look at Daisy’s interview on the subject…you might be surprised at the findings in this feature! Watch now



Job Security is a Top Concern





Daisy quoted in The Huffington Post: “Survey: Workers Remain Nervous About Employment”



 LA Weekly: Repackage Yourself: The Job Market is Changing Fast – Are You Keeping Up?

Source: LA Weekly, February 27, 2009

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