Mixing It Up

LA has so much to offer. I just received my reminder that Writers Bloc is having a their event next week that promises to be fun and interesting. I’m posting this in particular for some of my clients who are writers, but also for those who want to be re-inspired, re-energized, or who need to find something kind of different to do on ‘date night’. Check out www.writersblocpresents.com for more info.
Also, mark your calendars because we’ll be hosting an event on April 2nd that will be an informal opportunity for people to gather and hear about a variety of industries and functions that are, of course, in flux and offering opportunity — if not immediately, very soon. Information about this will be available on our site, www.daisyswan.com in the next few days.
I feel encouraged by all of the interdisciplinary conversations I read about lately. Most recently the entire Sunday New York Times Business Section gave me a lift. The article about Talent Scouts and the particularly made me grateful to the NY Times for getting away from the doom and gloom and instead focusing on people who have managed to make an impact using their perhaps unlikely and diverse talents and interests. I am certain this is how we’ll see the world shift…more cross pollination will result in new enterprises. Again, curiosity rules the day — keep looking for ways to cook up new things with the gifts you’ve developed already.