Gold Package


Gold package: $3200

3 1-hour sessions each month via zoom (total of 9)

Each package begins with a two-hour session where we dig into lots of useful information about you. I ask that you complete three things prior to this session: 

A questionnaire I’ve created providing you with a variety of prompts to explore what it is you want, as well as other thought provoking questions; the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which is included in the price of the package –we’ll send you a link to do the assessment; and the Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment (you’ll need to purchase the book or go directly to their website to do this assessment). 

I provide a one-stop-shop, holistic approach when working with you. In the case of job search/career change work we’ll cover all aspects that are pertinent: resume, using LinkedIn, cover letters, networking, interview prep, and any other needs you have throughout our time together. For executive coaching clients, we will look at any interpersonal, strategy, and management issues that present themselves. Executive coaching clients often extend the time we work together. We can discuss longer packages as needed.

I am now also offering the WE-I Profile, a comprehensive tool that enables individuals to see their real-time internal experience when in relationship under stress. This report enables users to take a look at blind spots that may be hindering them at work and in other areas of their life.

The fee for the assessment, profile report, and the one-hour debrief of the report is  $350.00.

Coaching Packages (all including the 2 hour initial session and MBTI)

I ask that packages be completed within six months.