Saying something meaningful in 5 minutes. Not.

Five minutes of conversation on TV feels like the wind at the beach — it rushes past you and you can’t catch it. You just have to experience it.

This afternoon I had the opportunity to talk about career and life coaching on ABC News Now — for about 5 minutes. It’s a funny situation. You’re looking at a camera, talking to the camera, hot lights on you, people in the room are silent, and the person interviewing you can see you and is talking to you, but you’re only hearing that person through the tiny earpiece that’s in your ear. I’ve seen enough movies to know about this earpiece (think Broadcast News. Love that scene when Albert Brooks is sweating) but it is a little odd to experience this. You hear yourself talking and for a moment you know that everybody else in the room is only hearing you and you have to shut that thought off. So you have to really focus and respond and stay clear to answer and not veer off. I love to veer off. I’m the queen of parenthetical lapses. But I didn’t. I think. I’ll see tomorrow when this airs.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s the thing that’s been nagging at me since I left the studio. I didn’t say everything I’d like to have said…What would I have said? I’ve only thought about this all afternoon and evening since those 5 minutes on air…

* That I’ve seen people make incredible changes in their lives; changes in the way they think and process information and take action. People transform their relationships so that they experience a whole other level of satisfaction in their everyday lives.

*As a result of coaching I’ve seen people learn life altering things about themselves and then have the courage to take action that changes the course they were on to a much more productive and positive one.

*That having a coach is like having a friend, mentor, teacher, guide and godparent all in one.

*That the investment in a coach who really hears you and cares about you can help you reach goals you previously thought were out of your reach — by any stretch of your imagination.

*Most of us don’t get the kind of impartial support that we want and need. It’s so easy for people to talk right to the fear that you have about doing whatever you’re considering. Often others see you as you are for them. They don’t see the person you envision yourself to be. Your coach can. And we’ll take you and your goals seriously so you can too.

*On a personal note, the work I do lets me share the information I gather in all of the reading and listening that I do. I learn so much from my clients, from books, the gazillion magazines and newspapers I read — and then pass on whatever pertinent information I can to help them get where their going. This is pretty sustaining work.

OK. That it. Thanks for listening. Now I can stop thinking about this and move on to the other writing I wanted to get done this week. That may have been more like twenty minutes of conversation.