Sharing the Journey

Another post from our guest blogger, KSS…

One of the things that’s become an essential part of this sweeping life change I am about to make is reminding myself to share the journey. At times this is very easy. I’ve come to an exciting realization, found renewed confidence in my goals or connected with a loved one who serves as a big supporter.

For me, it’s hardest to share this process when things are not going so well. Stress compounded by dismay mixed with inertia all create a situation where I only want to hole up inside of myself and refuse the support of my network of confidantes – the very people cheerleading me along.

It’s not that I don’t want them to know, but rather that the thought of sharing all the mishaps seems like it could possibly worsen an already overwhelming situation. Making a life change is a special, exciting time, but there are hurdles along the way and things do not always unfold smoothly. To ruminate on these worries might somehow draw out the circumstance, preventing forward-movement and progress. At least, that’s what I’ve told myself.

I don’t really think that strategy works though, at least not anymore.

This is a process and having the support of loved ones is a fortunate thing. Now, I feel that while I do not need to dwell on the negative with my confidantes, I should at least acknowledge setbacks. After all, their advice and comfort is determined by exactly what I tell them. Presenting the entire picture – the ups and the downs – means they will not only understand my journey better, but also see that this process is a very real, raw thing.

Rather than isolate my journey to myself, I’d rather risk the exposure of my occasional frustration, error in judgment or oversight. Consequently, sharing my whole journey now makes me feel that much closer to my faithful network of support.