Success Stories

I am so grateful to work with clients who are willing and interested in changing their lives as they make major or slight career changes. I will be posting success stories of my career coaching clients on an on-going basis. My aim is to provide hope and inspiration to others who are feeling stuck or discouraged. Life has a way of giving us what we want at odd times — and usually things don’t look exactly as we’d expected, but we get what we’d had in mind nonetheless. Sometimes we need to do some personal ‘resuscitation’ before any changes can occur in our work lives. Here’s a letter that I received from one of my clients shortly after we finished our work together:

Where do I begin? To put it lightly, you’ve done nothing less than help me to change my life. When we met I had been fired from my job of 15 years, was turning 40 and upset about where I was NOT in my life. Interviewing for a job sounded dreadful because I could not think about marketing my self to a new employer when I couldn’t sell myself to myself! I was creatively stagnant and in a funk.

Immediately I felt comfortable with you and found myself looking forward to our weekly conversations. Your suggested exercises and reading began the process of opening myself up again and exploring my creative side. I embarked on a self discovery path where I continue to grow emotionally, spiritually and creatively. You provided me with tools to recognize my strengths and weaknesses and the power to say NO and to get out of my own way!

Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with me as well. You are a wonderful listener and your positive attitude is contagious. Thanks to your motivation and encouragement I am now learning to live by my values and break old behavior patterns. I am now anxious to enter the workforce again with a new outlook on life and happy to be 40! I look forward to our paths crossing again. Eternally grateful, T. Lemieux