The Twenties Launch Teleclass

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Attention TwentySomethings: Are you frustrated and confused in an unfulfilling first or second job and wondering how to make the right moves to get somewhere that feels and looks right to you? Wondering what college was for and how to apply what you learned during those years? Not sure how to get the pieces to fit together? I’ve created The Twenties Launch Teleclass, a workshop (done over the phone in teleclass form) for you!

The Twenties Launch Teleclass AKA

How Did I Get Here and Where Am I Going? Career/Life Telelcass Designed for TwentySomethings Looking for Answers starting Wednesday, September 19th at 12PM or 7PM with Daisy Swan, MA, CPCC

The Twenties Launch Teleclass AKA How Did I Get Here and Where Am I Going Next?

Career Life Telelcass Designed for TwentySomethings Looking for Answers.

I’ve decided to create and offer this teleclass because I wish I’d had something like this when I was that age. I couldn’t have felt more confused and lost when I was in my twenties and now I have the useful combination of years of working with twenty-somethings and technology to help me offer this useful and supportive class.

This teleclass meets one night each week for 4 weeks. This is for people in their twenties who want to learn about their career options and how to make their choices become a reality. My mission is to have each participant create a vision for how they want their lives to look going into their 30’s, and beyond, so that they have a larger view of what’s to come. We’re not talking about locking anyone into a life plan that is constricting and narrow minded, but rather one that can breathe and expand as opportunities present themselves. Participants will get great, smart and enthusiastic support throughout this teleclass, as well as unlimited email access, all designed to increase your sense of clarity and job search skills. You’ll hear others as they go through their learning challenges and successes and get great coaching from an experienced, thoughtful professional who’s been in the career biz for over 15 years.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people going through transitions of all sorts, and I know first hand the confusion of too many choices and too much (perceived) negativity about the available options. I love to see people figure this puzzle out and move on, confidently, to do the things they don’t even know are possible.

Learn the 7 rules for job search success and the necessary tools to stay true to yourself while developing the necessary coping and planning skills that will carry you through the rest of your career and life. Learn to create a dynamic and professional resume that will speak the language of your next employer…this is a skill that will serve you throughout your life, the sooner you master it the better!

Join me at either 12pm or 7pm, Pacific, September 19th as we discuss the challenges and the opportunities that are available to twenty-something’s who want more but don’t know of what. I’ll have guest speakers to answer relevant questions, and useful and clear homework to keep you on track as you move forward.

The price for this teleclass is $149, deeply discounted from my one-on-one rate. I’m offering this teleclass because I see the need for so many people in their twenties to learn what I wish I’d learned when I was in that time of my life. Additionally, my schedule doesn’t allow me to see all of the clients I’d like to see, so this creates an opportunity for several of us to work together and move through confusion to clarity. Participants will get the same support and clear-eyed coaching that one-on-one clients do, but in a group forum.

Requirements apply: Participants must be between 23-29 years old, have graduated from college, and be willing to do the homework as assigned. What you will get:

Four 60 minute phone meetings; I’ve increased the number of sessions for this class to include an informative informational session with other professionals who can answer questions about various career paths.

Unique and effective exercises and handouts to assist you in learning about, and seeing, your career options in a clear, grounded way to get and keep you moving forward, gaining clarity and momentum.

Energizing, motivating and fun discussion, Daisy’s hallmark. If it’s not fun and engaging, why bother, right? The right number of people on the call makes for interesting and lively conversation that everyone gets to learn from.

Tools to create an excellent, sharp resume, and feedback from an experienced career coach who’s dedicated to your success. Let your resume be the tool that effectively organizes how you present yourself to others.

Unlimited support via email from Daisy during the weeks of the teleclass.

The opportunity to hear how others make progress and overcome obstacles, and great brainstorming from other smart, creative people like you!

Career coaching from a creative and innovative thinker who will give you individualized attention even with others on the calls.

The fee for this 4 session teleclasses is $149. Career coaching with a professional seasoned career coach can cost anywhere from $300- $500 per month. Here’s a great, effective option if you’re ready to get serious with career exploration, need some questions answered and structure to make your next moves.

Get ready to try something new, get your goals in gear to create a new lifestyle that really works the way you want it to — A worthwhile investment with a great return! * What is a Teleclass?

Teleclassses are a great way to have interactive training classes that are conducted over the telephone using the latest in teleconferencing ‘bridge’ systems. How does this work? Clients can participate from anywhere in the world and there’s no travel involved! All you need is a comfortable place to be on your regular phone! Note: The cost to call the bridge line, which connects everyone together on the call, is a standard long distance charge. You will only pay your long distance fees as usual. Here are some guidelines to make everyone’s experience on the call a great one: Dial the Conference Dial-In number that you receive via e-mail. At the prompt, enter the PIN Code followed by # Use a land telephone for the best phone reception for you and for others in the class.Headsets can be used. Cell phones can be used. No internet phones or speaker phones No cordless phones, speaker phones, internet phones

Please disable the “Call Waiting” feature on your phone. To do this on most phones, dial *70. The “Call Waiting” feature is reinstated once you hang up.

Please turn off the ringer on a second line if you have one.

To mute or un-mute your individual phone line, press * 6.

Please call in to the class on time so that the class can start on time with minimal interruption. We’ll all be introducing ourselves or saying hello when we begin classes.

Gather your friends and sign up together for a group workshop and receive a reduced group rate on this teleclass!

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Daisy Swan, MA, CPCC works with clients as they choose and make sane, fulfilling and creative career and life transitions. She has been a career counselor and coach since 1991 and has been in private practice in Los Angeles since 1995. Daisy works with clients in a practical, creative, strategic and supportive way, guiding and encouraging clients as they clear their path to find their right way to live their lives. She has appeared on NBC’s daytime coaching show, Starting Over and has been quoted in the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Post regarding career and life changes. For more information about Daisy, and her services please go to