What Do You Want?

Deceptively simple question, right? When I ask people this question I see their eyes drift upward and to the right. I see them start to envision what they have and what could be. Simple answer: to be happy. To enjoy success. Then we begin to drill down. What’s your version of success and happiness? You might think it’s the same for everyone, but it’s not.
In two years will you be doing the same work with the same people? Will your commute be shorter or longer? Do you imagine you’ll have more time with your kids and your spouse? Have a spouse? What do you want your friendships to be like? Are you spending enough time with friends? And are you making more or less money?
And when you think of the people you work with, are they doing what they, and you, are doing now or is it perhaps completely different from what you’re doing now?
‘Introspection’ isn’t a dirty word. Neither is ‘daydreaming’. Socrates would never have his place in history if he hadn’t said those important words, ‘Know thyself.’ So, what do you want?