What Have We Got For You?

I’m very curious about what’s happening ‘out there’. I read in today’s LA Times in a letter to the editor that this person can’t believe that even 30% of employed people feel ‘safe’ in their jobs. The piece is a complete bummer. I’m sorry that the LA Times chose to print this piece. I’m sorry that the media is fanning the flames of defeat and what looks to me like ‘resignation’. Yes, there are a lot of lay-offs and the job market is very tough. Does this mean that we should all buckle and fold and not lift ourselves up and get out there and connect and put our best foot forward? There are jobs out there. And there are ways to work; even if it’s for less money, less time, less security there are ways to keep yourself at it, on top of your search, on top of your game. I keep Winston Churchill’s words by my desk: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP.
I have been without a job. I have taken jobs and later thought about the wardrobe I bought to wear to the job…I kept the receipts in case I decided I didn’t want the job or the suits it meant I had to wear! We always have a choice about how we approach what’s happening in our lives. You absolutely never know what’s going to happen next. Good or bad if you put yourself out there and make the most of your time you will know that you’ve done something to move yourself forward.
Take a look at all of the resources that are on this website under Resources. There are so many good links here. I was just on Indeed.com — it’s on my site; I went on and asked ‘where are the jobs?’ This site gave me great information about where the jobs are based on their information. They have information on trends, postings, and a wide variety of interesting pieces. I hope you’ll make use of what I’ve added to my site for you. We at Daisy Swan & Associates aren’t going to give up. I’m not going to give up being optimistic. We are living in a time of great abundance. The hits we are taking hurt. And those who recharge (often from being burnt out, unhappy at their jobs, sick of working for people they didn’t want to work for anyway), retool and repackage themselves will be the real winners.