Where's Your Bar?

Where have you set your bar when it comes to expectations? If you haven’t thought about this for a while then the end of the year is a good time to do it.  2009 has been a tough year of reflection, it seems to me, for a lot of people who had to check their expectations, and then check them again.  Life has decidedly not been cooperating with the way many of us thought it was supposed to go. I regularly reflect on my values and goals, set new intentions and develop new ‘visions’ of what I’m aiming for.  This is what I do for myself and with my clients.  Expectations are tricky though.  If they’re too high we can get frustrated and angry when reaching what we expect to reach continues to be out of reach.  Set them too low and our body can slump while we lean downwards in a rather resigned way.  Our energy droops.  The leaders and teachers I’ve studied with encourage the long, high reach and the more doable reach.  We need both.  When I work with clients we’re working towards having life and work work now but we’re also setting them up for the position and life they’ll be in after the place they’re going for now.  This two pronged approach to expectations always works for me.  Keeps me satisfied yet growing and looking forward.  What’s your approach?  Where’s your bar?