Work, learn, work

It’s staggering how much there is to learn these days, isn’t it? Are you overwhelmed from working so hard to stay on top of everything you do? While trying to wrap your mind around what’s happening in the world and with technology? Personally I go from overwhelm to excitement from hour to hour. One of the ways I get out of overwhelm is to attend an event or program where I get real information about some aspect of the changing landscape of commerce. Today I attended a National Association of Women Business Owners co-sponsored event featuring Bill Allen from the LA Economic Development Corporation. It was fascinating to hear about the misconceptions and lack of communication that has resulted in a lack of economic development for LA and it’s very diverse population. Did you know that the film industry is not the biggest industry here? Did you know that because it’s been so expensive to film here that there are only 3 movies that have been actually shot in LA in the past year? Did you know that LA is the only airport that has not recovered it’s rate travelers since 9/11? Because our airport is not up to the innovation of other airports airlines are not coming here with increase frequency. Which means that our tax base, and our working people, are not getting the influx of cash that we need to increase the City and County dollars to do what we need to become a 21st Century City. There’s so much to learn about and get involved in here. I’m all fired up after going to that meeting. So much we can do if we get involved and start collaborating business-to-business, public/private ventures, universities with businesses! We have so much to do. I hope this might pique your interest to take a look at some of the programs going on at LAEDC and LAVA to learn what’s going on in our city that could also be a way to hear what opportunities are out there that you won’t find unless you start listening and talking with people who are seeing first hand where expertise is needed. And if you don’t have the needed knowledge, but the interest, you may be motivated to learn something new. Work, learn, work. Be a part of the solution.