Work & Satisfaction…What Are You Learning Lately?

By: Daisy Swan
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Work feeling like work lately? Do you find yourself looking around and thinking that everyone else has this career thing figured out except for you? Wondering how getting up in the morning can be something you look forward to instead of dreading?

Learning as a link to satisfaction

Nine out of ten people I work with are bored by their work, their relationships, or their surroundings. When it comes down to it most of us need to make a change in how we see ourselves in our world to make important, although sometimes subtle, changes that lead to greater satisfaction. Our work touches all areas of our lives, so making change anywhere in our lives will impact our work. When was the last time you learned something new at work or outside of work? Not enough time in the day to learn something new? I doubt it. If you want to make a change in your work, make the time to learn something new. Challenge you to make at least one hour per day to do something differently so that you learn something new. Within four weeks you’ll notice a difference.

If you see someone who has achieved outstanding results in their work or life chances are they took time to cultivate their interest, knowledge and skills to get them to where they are. Don’t fool yourself into believing that you can’t get where you want to be. Change your thoughts to those that encourage you. Notice what you put your attention on—because what you pay attention to grows—if you’re telling yourself you can’t get what you want then you’ll be sure to prove yourself right. If you want to help people, or enjoy working with numbers, love being outdoors, working with animals—whatever it is, you can do more of it and learn more about it. Let your curiosity be your guide to become more knowledgeable. As you get closer to your interests, learning more about whatever they are, you’ll find more opportunities; they will become apparent to you as you get more involved in these interests. You’ll meet more people who enjoy similar things,and with this you’ll learn about more opportunities. It’s like learning a new word or concept; once you learn something new you start to see it everywhere.

Write it down and then look around

Give yourself some room to dream by writing down what you’d like to see in your life. Dream big, sure, and also give yourself a right sized dream. Remember that expecting too much to happen without taking action in the direction of your dream will result in discouragement. Start looking around to see what’s out there that can support your dream. If you need support in taking steps towards your dream, enlist a friend or a coach. Join a group or create a group. I challenge you to do this and then see what’s available to you within four weeks time. Something will have changed. You will know more about what needs to happen next to keep moving forward, or how you need to change course. You can do it. Let me know what happens 😉