Ready for your ideal job? Do these 3 things.

There comes a moment when you hit the wall and realize you’re really ready to let go of the ‘good’ to go for the great! These 3 actions are the shortcut to make your dream a reality.

1) Find a comfortable place to sit down to write – coffee shop, kitchen table, wherever. It’s important to get this out of your mind and onto paper. Otherwise it stays in the ether of your mind; writing it down makes it more real. Make a list of all the accomplishments that have made you feel most satisfied and proud. Notice how you feel as you list these. Feeling energized and excited? Good! If you feel a little squirrely know that this is just your inner critic trying to get in your way of recognizing what’s inspired you, and gets you feeling good about yourself. In fact, this can be good news, because going for the great is a stretch that can trigger your feelings of inadequacy. Know that this means you’re moving in the right direction!

2) Next, imagine what your days are like in your ideal job. Imagine waking up, feeling energized to get your day going. Feel and see yourself drinking your coffee, or going to work out. Whatever it is you know you love doing to get your day off to a great start. See yourself in your ‘work clothes’ and getting down to work; where are you? Who are you with, if anyone. How does the day go? What’s the flow and how does your day come to a close? What’s the evening like? Write all of this down. Maybe you have several versions of this day; capture all of them, in detail!

3) Now it’s time for your ‘needs’ list. What or who do you need to connect with to turn this dream into a reality? Again, this can bring up squirrely feelings, but do it anyway. Need money to start your business? Need a studio to have more space to make your creations? Need connections at the company you would love to work for? You may think you just want to quit your job and change your life! But ask yourself if this will really serve your dream? Enlist your most trusted loved ones to support you in this dream however they can – contacts, contributions, brainstorming. But beware those who may discourage you. Sometimes loved ones won’t see what you see, and will want to ‘protect you’ from your dreams. If this is the case, instead, protect your dream and quietly take the steps that you know will get you where you want to go.

I’ll see it when I believe it.

Having a vision, and a practical strategy to reach it, is a must for getting where you want to go! The late, great Wayne Dyer used to say the quote above. With this knowledge you’ll see the opportunities appear, the connections you most need, and the path to that ideal, energizing job, business or lifestyle will come to fruition. You can trust that you’ll know what to do at just the right time! I have done this exercise myself, and with so many others for years, and I’ve witnessed them shift into living their dream. You, too, can do it.

Taking these steps can be daunting. If you want that all important support without the bias of friends and family, I’m here for you. Let’s talk about how I can help you reach your ideal job and lifestyle! Contact me at [email protected].