7 Actions to Take When You Need an Attitude Adjustment (Particularly during a Job Search)

Guest Contributor for My L.A. Lifestyle

We all face those stuck times when anything we do feels futile and discouraging – especially during a job search. Here are seven tips to re-energize you, and bring that authentic you back to the game. With your re-invigorated perspective you’ll see something new, be fresh, open and ready – again.

1.  Watch a TED Talk; Try a talk by Brene Brown, but any talk you watch should open a new door for you. Likewise, you can also listen to a Podcast, or the radio, but it must be a broadcast that informs you about something you’re genuinely interested in. If you can do this while walking, all the better.
2.  Go to a dog park with your, or a friend’s, dog. There’s nothing like watching dogs playing and having a blast, and you might even meet some good people there, too. 
3.  Write down all of the encouraging and kind things someone could or has said to you or, if easier, those things you’d say to someone in a similar situation.
4.  Go swimming, running, walking, or in some way engage in an activity that pushes you out of your stupor. Even better if you can do this outside.
5.      Do or make something that’s fun for you – preferably with friends. A cheap activity that is not all about talking – like bowling, board games, baking, scrapbooking, gardening, or cooking. Get your hands and head into something that’s fun for you. Lighten up!

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  1. Daisy,

    Just what I needed, a serious pick me up. I’m temping right now and so happy to read this. I have to remind myself of all the things I’ve learned from you and your courses and private coaching. I’m lucky to live where our pool is heated year round. Off I go tonight. When I put on my bathing cap (yes, middle aged woman have to wear) and float at night, it’s heaven. Especially as I’m alone. Also, I love TED. com but have forgotten to listen lately.

    All best,

    Laura Stuart Dawson
    p.s. Funny, I was just thinking good thoughts about you and mailed you a little card!