What Can I Expect from Executive Coaching?

What is an Executive Coach? And how will I benefit from working with an executive coach? What can I expect from an executive coach? Reasonable questions. We all hear about people having coaches but what do they really do? How do they really help?

The coaching ‘industry’ has grown so much over the past 20 years; you can find a coach for anything you need support with. Executive Coaching covers a lot of territory, and you’ll find executive coaches of every personality and style.

Identifying, and work through, the challenges

High achieving men and women face similar challenges in their leadership roles…reaching goals, motivating teams, hitting their numbers, juggling responsibilities while keeping their eye out to identify new opportunities amidst change in the marketplace or within their organization. Foundationally, both men and women need to effectively communicate with clients and colleagues but there’s no doubt that women have very particular issues throughout their careers. While both men and women may be struggling with a particular team member, or a perhaps there are sticky and complicated relationships throughout the matrix of the company that need to be delicately navigated, how this is done will be different for either sex. Men I’ve worked with often need to find a way to flex their power and presence in an altogether different way than a woman. Obvious statement I know, but important to state. In either case, I work with men and women to find the appropriate and genuine language, tone, stance to use within new strategies to untangle their complexities and challenges.

A Safe Place

Our coaching sessions offer a safe and open place to look at what’s really going on. Maybe you find yourself in a leadership role that’s feeling just a little too big for you – it’s new and hard won but still your acclimating! Hard to admit it, but honestly we know that the imposter syndrome effects SO many achievers! Perhaps your workaholic behaviors are getting in the way of your overall satisfaction in your work and life and you can’t find a way out of it. Maybe you’ve got a team member who is challenging your every word and the office politics are adding a toxic element that you feel everyday. We can unpack these scenarios and find ways to work with them so that you’re feeling strong in your stance and effective in your approach.

Reaching for New Heights

Often my clients are ready to step up into a new level, ready to flex their muscles in a new territory, industry, emerging market. Maybe they’re being overlooked in their company. Or politics are playing in someone else’s favor. This is a crossover area in my work where career and executive coaching come together. We’ll be working on grooming you for that next step, finding the right people to connect with, and the strategies that will become your bridge to what’s next. Updating your online profile, bio and resume will be a part of our work. Prepping you for the interviews and conversations that you’ll be having is essential to your progress. And pacing yourself through this time of transition is essential. These transitions can feel painfully slow, and sometimes startlingly fast; either way my clients benefit from talking through the ups and downs of the process of change.

What can you expect from Executive Coaching with me? You’ll find in me a dependable, calm, intelligent and resourceful sounding board who helps you to hear and identify your strengths so you can achieve in the way only you can. Every high achieving athlete, business person, entertainer, teacher, writer, artist has benefited from the support of someone who’s behind them encouraging and seeing them as their best and truest selves, helping them to see what they can’t. I can be that person for you.