Creativity for the New Year!

I am an intellectually and creatively restless person. I love to be creative every day in my life. I Create. All. The. Time.
If I’m not learning and trying something new, then I’m probably sleeping. You, and most of my clients, probably feel the same way. Go ahead and call me ADDHD; I’m happy with the label at this point. People like us are what’s fueling our economy. We are the people looking to change things up and we’ll do the necessary work to figure out how to do whatever needs to be done to make those changes. We do the creating, and innovation, the ‘scratching’ as Twyla Tharp calls it, to come up with something new, and energizing.

Or do we….?

If you’re like a lot of people I know (ok, including me) you, too, probably let yourself get lost and sidetracked by doing things that end up demotivating you. Chief among these demotivating things would be going to work. Sadly, a lot of people I know go to work and by the time their workday ends they’re exhausted, bored, hangry, and have no interest in pursuing their more creative and enlivening pursuits. Sound familiar?

So we grab something to eat, and the phone, or the remote, or all three and go numb. Hours pass. Nothing new, creative, or life changing happens. Maybe tomorrow. Or not. You try not to hear yourself talking to yourself but of course you do:

You could get going on that new project/deliverable/blog/story/design/algorithm/class/video to bring to my boss/ my side gig/my business that would show off (even modestly) just how much I can offer, can shine and help grow the bottom line.
It’s a deep nagging heavy, lousy inner dialogue. And it doesn’t do the trick of getting you going. So what does?

Personally I think it’s about setting a new, stated, challenge. And deciding to take it seriously.

I’m doing it. I’ve pledged to write a new blog (almost) everyday during the month of January. I’m saying almost everyday because I know I’ll fail if I box myself into an every day commitment. And I don’t want to fail!

This is my first of many blogs for this month. How about you? What’s your pledge for your new creative you?

So turn off the TV, turn on some good music. Let yourself get into your real Flow and create something you’re proud of. You can surprise all sorts of people, including yourself, by doing/making/creating what you know will feel so good! Hear those inner critics? So what? Do it anyway. I know you’ve heard all of this so many times Here’s hoping this one blog pushes you over the edge and into action.